6 Clever Ways To Install Hidden Home Security Cameras in Our House

There are many reasons that you may want to install a security camera in your home. You may want to keep an eye on your nanny or babysitter while they are watching your kids. You may want to keep an eye on your significant other if you suspect he is cheating. You may want to keep an eye on your teenagers when you leave town for the weekend.

No matter what the reason is that you want to install a security camera in your home, you will want to hide it to achieve the maximum benefit. If people can easily spot the security camera, it is easy for them to avoid the camera to perform their illicit deeds. You need to make the camera’s location camouflaged in order to increase the chances that it will capture nefarious activity. Here are six ways you can cleverly camouflage a hidden security camera in your home.

1. Hide It in a Clock

One of the best ways to hide a security camera in your home is to place it inside a clock. You can even purchase security cameras that are already built into a clock. When you use a clock as the hidden location, it allows you to capture video from a spot that will usually ensure that you get maximum coverage of the room.

2. Curtain Rod

Most people will not give a second look to a curtain rod. Curtain rods will usually be found in every room in the house, which makes them a very convenient option for stashing a hidden security camera. Make sure to place the camera carefully on the curtain rod to ensure that you capture the correct angle to see what is going on inside the room.

3. Bookshelf Camera

You can cleverly hide a camera on a bookshelf. It will be hard to spot when it is placed among a large collection of books. You can even create a false book that has the camera lens peeking out from the spine of the book.

4. Inside a Stuffed Animal

If you want to install a hidden camera in a child’s room, one of the best options is to put the camera inside a plush toy or stuffed animal. You can cut a hole in the toy to install the camera, and then sew it up to conceal the camera.

5. Two-Way Mirror

A two-way mirror has long been one of the favorite techniques that security personnel use to place hidden camera in businesses. You can make use of this powerful technique to install a hidden camera behind a two-way mirror in any room in your home.

6. Inside a Light Switch

6 Clever Ways To Install Hidden Home Security Cameras in Our House
Inside Light Switch

This is another great technique for hiding a surveillance camera in your home. There are light switches in every room in a house, and most people do not give them a second look. You can easily install a tiny spy camera inside a light switch to conduct surveillance anywhere in the home.

These are six great ideas for hiding a surveillance camera in your house, but don’t feel limited to only these ideas. You can get as creative as you want with hidden cameras. They make them so small these days that you will have no problem hiding security cameras in almost anything you can think of.

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One such place that you could hide the camera is on your night stand. Most people have a variety of items on their night stand. Business CCTV Systems