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I am sick in addition to tired of my electrical current 230v genset causing all sorts of problems amongst unstable voltage, misfortunate character sine moving ridge in addition to noise, (engine non electrical) although I suppose at that spot is plenty of that too. My Victron doesn't like it in addition to I convey killed thence many switch manner powerfulness supplies for mobile phones, iPads, fifty-fifty the powerfulness supplies inwards a Sky box, a DAB radio in addition to a NiMH drill charger which genuinely caught burn downwards didn't similar it.

So why convey I or indeed whatever boaters got a generator?  I recall inwards nearly cases 99% + its to accuse our batteries.  Of course of didactics nosotros all convey ane bolted to the side of our principal engine which past times in addition to large does an excellent job of charging the starting fourth dimension battery for which it was designed for in addition to a pretty fair to misfortunate task of charging supplementary or occupation solid batteries via diverse methods of diverting surplus accuse elsewhere.

When I did my alternator conversion the ane affair I didn't aspect to last every bit successful every bit it has proved was the powerfulness to run my oven 2.2kw through the inverter in addition to nevertheless last putting inwards every bit required depending on the SOC of the batteries upwards to 60amps of charge.  This laid me thinking, why the hell am I making 230v to run my inverter charger to thence accuse the batteries at a maximum of 120amps when my novel alternator on the principal engine I convey seen putting inwards over 180amps without conversion losses.  I convey read somewhere that the Victron inverter on accuse makes 800w of rut every bit well. Heat I genuinely don't want. This I tin good believe every bit I had to add together additional fans to the inverter infinite nether the stern steps inwards lodge to proceed it cool plenty to proceed the accuse charge per unit of measurement upwards every bit it shuts downwards the accuse charge per unit of measurement according to the running temperature. 

So you lot mightiness wonder where this is leading.  Well every bit I encounter it its simple. Use my electrical current 500cc genset engine to spin a 12v alternator instead of running a 4000cc (4L) to practise the same.  Big engines like this endure from bore glazing running on tickover or depression loads.  Google bore glazing its an interesting topic amongst many views mostly eventually agreeing its non a proficient thing.

My initial query Pb me to a 220amp automotive alternator

but this would demand spinning at 5000+rpm thence gearing would last required.  I had considered running a 3kw 230v alternator at 1500rpm (4 pole) simply ane time to a greater extent than this still had the electrical conversion losses simply inwards training for this I managed to con my electrical current genset into running at 1500rpm past times removing a tiresome run cutout relay.  At 1500rpm its every bit serenity every bit a sewing machine.   But thence I volition demand to convey made for me a displace pulley laid in addition to this volition convey additional frictional losses in addition to belt skid reducing the express powerfulness the genset engine has.

So having bought the 220amp automotive unit 

220amp Automotive alternator

I did approximately to a greater extent than Googling  and constitute a tiresome speed 12v alternator from the USA. 

The Ecoair company  make in all likelihood just what I and every boat possessor needs, in addition to a 24v version also.

325amp Slow spin alternator

After exhaustive discussions amongst ane of the directors I convey purchased ane of the 12v (14v) units amongst the pick of becoming the United Kingdom of Great Britain in addition to Northern Ireland of Britain in addition to Northern Republic of Ireland / European Union importer distributor.

So having stripped my electrical current genset:-

Vetus genset amongst cocoon

The 230v armature nevertheless to last removed

Armature in addition to coupling removed

Flywheel halt of the engine

This seems to last a vi hole fixing amongst 200mm PCD thence I volition demand to aspect upwards the SAE of this fixing.

This is an ongoing projection thence I mightiness starting fourth dimension a separate blog on this conversion.  In the meantime if you lot desire to follow it brand certain to bookmark it of banking concern stand upwards for back regularly 

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