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To complete the alternator modification I accept added to the solid battery organization an advanced alternator regulator made past times Sterling Power Products  I chose the ProD model.

Unit on the right.  The left is the MPPT

The outset affair to practice was to connect two wires to the within of the alternator.  Only ane of these wires is used but it require to be determined which.

These wires become to the brushes inward the alternator.

Cap dorsum on together with wires out of a convenient hole.

With the alternator running commonly its necessary to position which type of alternator sensing you lot have.  Mine is a Negative sensing.
Once the correct wire is constitute merely snip the unused ane off.

This explains what they do but inward a nutshell it changes the accuse profile of the master regulator inward the alternator without modifying it. It volition neglect prophylactic to the alternators ain regulator if it encounters whatsoever seat out of possible problems protecting the alternator together with batteries from themselves equally it makes the alternator & batteries together with connecting cables run much harder for longer.  The total manual is here. http://www.shop.sterling-power.com/acatalog/pdar.pdf

The additional charge on the alternator started to crusade the belt to sideslip on engine start upwards equally the ProD loaded the alternator.  I could accept added to a greater extent than tension to the belt but this precisely adds extra loading the the engine forepart bearing together with the alternator bearing. To overcome this I applied some Belt Dressing which has done the trick.

While out this calendar week the engine clocked upwards 200 hours.

It's rattling noticeable how much quieter the engine is becoming equally fourth dimension goes on, together with since the alternator modification how much smoother it feels.  I tin dismiss offering no explanation for this tough.

I accept decided to alter the fundamental heating boiler together with accept ordered a Hurricane CH25

The Mikuni MX60 has been together with continues to survive great, its done sterling service for two winters but I desire the greater flexibility the Hurricane offers alongside its zoning, hot H2O alone together with the added characteristic of beingness able, alongside the role of an additional rut exchanger, role the the engines waste materials rut to rut the radiators.

More on this soon.

Another modification on the horizon:-   I accept ordered a novel propeller.  The electrical flow ane is 21 x xvi together with I shall survive replacing it alongside a 21 x 21.  I should larn this inward a few weeks together with accept a slot booked on a local crane twenty-four hr menses but I mightiness endeavour to practice it inward the water.  I looking into the feasibility of this.

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