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I've been having problem getting my theatre batteries topped upward in addition to getting plenty amperage from the engine alternators fifty-fifty though they are at i time paralleled.  Also nosotros receive got an electrical combi oven on board in addition to the master copy sentiment was that the oven would run through the inverter powered entirely from the amperage supplied past times the 12v alternators.

For some argue despite my best calculations this just didn't pan out the way I anticipated, hence the alternative was to supercede the theatre alternator alongside i of a larger capacity.

A chip of earthworks just about on goodness quondam ebay in addition to I managed to honor a 215amp alternator which is 100amps to a greater extent than than the i originally supplied every bit the theatre alternator.  It was too fortunate that the mounting spigot was the same 55mm every bit the original.  I’m thinking this mightiness live some variety of standard.

This is what the alternator setup looked similar originally.

The novel larger alternator plainly requires a much larger belt to receive it due to the extra load, hence I ordered it alongside a PK7 pulley. That was the slow part!

This extra charge could non live delivered past times the master copy unmarried V belt in addition to the ratio was non sufficient spin it at optimum speed inwards the cruise RPM range. 

I hence needed to larn the larger receive pulley. Originally I sentiment this would live a uncomplicated undertaking of just getting i off the shelf every bit you lot tin alongside many other types of receive pulley. However the PK measure of pulley seems to live specifically used inwards an automotive province of affairs in addition to the engine manufacturers brand their ain pulleys to suit.

This left me alongside no alternative but to larn i made. Once i time again Canal World Forum held the respond every bit i of the members Tim Leach of Dutton Dry Dock offered to brand me i for me.

I was able to larn RPM in addition to accuse information for the alternator in addition to the max over speed rating from the supplier hence I was able to function out the receive ratio. I settled on 4.5:1 every bit this would provide a real high accuse at tick over in addition to maximum accuse at cruise revs of 1300rpm but would non over speed it at maximum RPM which inwards reality is never used. Knowing the small-scale pulley diameter I worked out the large i needed to live 235mm

The starting fourth dimension undertaking was to larn the existing pulley re-machined to receive got a 50mm shaft.  

This purpose was done past times a local applied scientific discipline theatre every bit it needed welding which I did. The shaft was left long to let for blueprint every bit it had to live made upward inwards situe. Once the blueprint for the pulley was finalised all the parts were sent of to Tim.
As the actual belt alignment could non live predetermined just the best solution was to usage a Taper Lock pulley in addition to hub. This blueprint permits the pulley assembly to live mounted anywhere on the shaft hence locked off.

Old organisation alignment

A calendar week or hence afterward the pulley assembly was returned to me along alongside a span of spacers I too needed. I somehow managed to lose the primal which I suspect has fallen overboard hence I scavenged for a but of fight in addition to armed alongside nil to a greater extent than than an angle grinder in addition to file I presently made another.

 This chip of fight turned into the novel key

All the modifications done

One matter I didn't let for was the bolt heads sticking out from the hub human face upward in addition to the master copy ones that would receive got stuck out from the parent of the pulley in addition to sitting on transcend of the shaft fixing bolts, hence I had to usage countersunk bolts instead necessitating the dorsum of the pulley to receive got holes counter sunk.  

Thanks i time once again to Garth at The Boat Yard Ely for the usage of his countersink in addition to pillar drill.

This is what all the novel parts expect like.

I hence bolted the novel shaft into place.

Then I positioned the novel pulley in addition to hub assembly on the shaft. Only ix x M10 bolts!

Having previously fitted and connecting the novel alternator I fitted the belt, laid the alignment hence locked the novel pulley to the shaft.

Job done!

So what has all this achieved?  Well I at i time receive got over 300amps of accuse alongside the ii alternators working inwards parallel.  This way I volition live able to accuse my batteries much quicker in addition to to a greater extent than deeply.  There's a chip to a greater extent than this this every bit whatever battery skillful volition say you. 

Also my electrical oven draws roughly 220amps from the batteries via the inverter.  The basic maths on this is inverted ability is 10v divided past times the mains wattage. So 2200watts = 220amps at 12v out of the batteries.  10v is used to concern human relationship for conversion losses.  It's non exact but it is pretty unopen and simple to create inwards your head. The previous setup wasn't quite able to provide this.  This way I tin run my oven alongside the engine only in addition to there's a hidden bonus inwards that whatever extra ability from the alternators volition become into the battery charging organisation hence on initial tests I was running the oven in addition to nonetheless getting a surplus 56amps of charge.  If the batteries are were fifty-fifty flatter in that location would live a theoretical 95amp spare available.

Conclusion is this has been a worthwhile modification. The adjacent phase if necessary volition live to add together an external alternator regulator to growth the regulated accuse voltage to 14.8v from the normal 14.4v  This is a amend accuse profile for my battery type.

One lastly note.  I did a rpm banking corporation check alongside the engine running at a shaft speed of 1035rpm the alternator was spinning at 4565rpm hence the ration calculations were pretty spot on.

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