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Yeh toilets again!

Following the removal of the 230v lavatory inwards favor of the 12v 1 time again I was left amongst a gap behind the lavatory every bit I had to take away to a greater extent than or less extra wall to larn the plumbing connected to the 230v one.

I made a template a calendar week or thence agone too my brothers rock firm cutting and polished a comprehend plate out of a type of human made porcelain.

So why are in that location tiles missing on the lower left?  Well, commencement of all it was an accident of removing the skirting board but too thence it became apparent this was a fortunate accident every bit I possess got to a greater extent than or less other occupation that needs fixing too these broken tiles sowed a seed to business office of the solution.

The rubber sanitary hose used to convey the macerated waste product to the belongings tank which is sold a "Smell Free" is similar a shot after solely a yr leaching a nasty aroma inwards the boat too needs replacing.  This was supplied yesteryear a an skilful theatre inwards the field.  When questioned nearly this I was told that basically all flexible sanitary hose volition leach aroma sooner or later.  This I find unacceptable and possess got taken it upward amongst the supplier.  In all fairness to the supplier I don't shout upward they are to blame every bit they solely produce that which is available elsewhere.  Neither the less to survive told this hose should survive regarded every bit an detail that volition postulate replacing anywhere from a year onwards is merely non on.  Plumbing every bit far every bit I am concerned is a railroad train too forget item!

So inwards guild to larn the former hose out too novel 1 inwards access has to survive got.  By removing the right hand bathroom cabinet:-

I was able to carefully take away two tiles to replace the damaged ones:-

Then using a borrowed Fein Cutter (Thanks Garth at The Boat Yard Ely) I gently cutting through the board behind ensuring non to plunge whatsoever deeper needed to breakthrough because behind are enough of services:-

As you lot tin see!  I'm pleased to written report nix unintended was cutting or even nicked.

So if anyone want's to purchase me a pressie, a Feins Cutter volition do.  In representative you're non certain this is what 1 looks like.


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