Home Decor Bottom Trace & Hatch Covers

Remember the days when generally girls started a bottom draw for the 24-hour interval they would get married together with fix their novel home.

Well edifice a novel boat is much similar setting upwards a novel home.  We yet convey a bottom draw ROOM.

Pretty much everything inwards this room is destined for the boat, from slice of furniture to, burn extinguishers together with abode amusement materials to kitchen ware likewise every minute loads of boaty bits similar solar panels, ropes, navigation books, fifty-fifty a bloody Rosie & Jim.

Deb is especially pleased alongside the cushions that arrived today.

Meanwhile I am soundless doing all those jobs I've been putting off.  Today is was grinding off the onetime asset pigment on the fore deck possess for concluding complete which volition hold upwards nonslip.  Also painted at in ane lawsuit are the hatches for the weed hatch together with mud box together with the clamping bars.
Oh together with I fitted the comprehend for the hydraulic steering ram.
(Blue fight alongside silvery screws nine o'clock)

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