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I've decided to totally supervene upon the flexible condom sanitary hose because of the aroma it was leaching.  I was going to precisely supervene upon the long run inwards the saloon in addition to kitchen but decided inwards for a penny etc.

Initially I persuasion this would live a consummate nightmare, but a combat of thinking nearly it in addition to a excogitation came together.  

The worst purpose was drilling a novel 2" hole inwards the raise bulkhead.  This of class was inwards a very awkward position in addition to took nearly an hr every bit I had to continue resting because of the horrible seat I had to brand it made me all hurty.  I lost a combat of knuckle pare inwards the procedure of course.  I wasn't able to utilisation the master copy hole every bit I wanted to hold the electrical flow arrangement until I was prepare to chop it out every bit I had no persuasion how it would larn in addition to I wouldn't live able to re-fit the flexible one.

A calendar week or 2 agone I removed a bath cabinet in addition to a department of wall to gain access to purpose of the system. Link here.

One of the primary problems was going to live turning the corner to the correct nearly 4" higher upward where the vertical tube disappears.  I was going to but line the metro dorsum in addition to twine it in aluminum tape to add together approximately other barrier which was suggested on the canal forum, in addition to hence connect either side, Instead every bit I drew it dorsum in addition to forth I realised I could larn a novel slice of plastic sanitary hose circular the bend.  I already had a slice of this inwards the arrangement nigh the lavatory in addition to this hadn't developed any smell.  Indeed fifty-fifty when this 9" combat was removed later the previous metro purging of a dozen or hence fresh H2O exclusively flushes at that spot was no aroma fifty-fifty from the within of the tube.

I also had to cutting a 6" hole inwards the electric cabinet in kitchen to larn my mitt inwards to involve the the novel plastic metro through the bulkhead in addition to it's onward journey.  In doing hence I shorted the Cat5 cable to the inverter against a mains wire in addition to convey damaged my inverter network bus, PC/USB interface unit of measurement in addition to the remote panel, 1 Cat5 cable in addition to iii mains cables.  The cables were easily repaired every bit all of them were exclusively slightly nicked, but precisely plenty to curt across the cutter :-(

Similar to this 

The novel pipage was easily installed from the lavatory all the agency to the tank.  The whole arrangement was supervene upon inwards nearly iv hours. I'ts also instantly slowly to inspect, take away in addition to service in addition to exclusively has nearly 2' of flexible plastic pipage throughout.

This is the exclusively photograph I took

I withdrew the former "No Smell" metro which stunk in addition to lay it outside.  To my surprise there was a lot of fine bits of lime scale grit nearly the size of large tea leaves within the metro which were brownish similar teas leaves when moisture but curiously almost white when dry.  These didn't aroma at all when dry.

Next morn I noticed the aroma inwards the saloon had completely gone in addition to the dorsum canopy expanse was where the pipage passes nether the flooring was also aroma free.  Long may it remain.

Total toll of the replacement metro in addition to fittings toll nearly £70, impairment to the inverter in addition to accessories?  I'll permit you lot know.  

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