Home Decor A Few Days On The Move

Its one-half term inwards the Great Britain too what amongst a marriage in conclusion weekend 

too the Jubilee too a boat present on Monday, nosotros finally kicked off on Tuesday amongst the intention of going to St. Ives which nosotros intend is a delightful town.

The distance from our abode mooring is virtually 24miles then having kicked off quite belatedly next a put inwards too supplies shopping nosotros decided to halt early on eventide virtually one-half means along.

Very remote

At the get-go lock nosotros had to larn topless, its the law!  Well really its because the lock runs nether a route too the headroom is restricted.

 Deb gives this a skilful scale

Look at the H2O line. This is going in

This is the headroom later the rise

So on to the side yesteryear side lock.  Sometime seals tin last seen hither only non today. This is an slow lock hardly whatever degree modify at all only even then it involves the whole process.

All was going good until nosotros reached the side yesteryear side lock at St. Ives.  The river conduct says the lock is 91' x 12'7''.  Now y'all would intend that us beingness a mere 60' x 12' would agree easily.  NOPE!  nosotros got good too genuinely wedged despite going inwards at a snails pace.  There is a jutty out utilization every bit tin last seen on Brian's photos

The far terminate of the iii rails. We were coming inwards the other way

It took Deb on the ability too me too ii other burly chaps to gratis us.  Words bring been had amongst the publishers of the guide.

So nosotros turned or then too bring similar a shot moored inwards a lovely topographic point close a pub.

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