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So what convey I been upwards to inwards the concluding month?

Well during the one-half term holidays nosotros took our selves off to Cambridge in addition to stayed a few days on Midsummer Common.  While at that topographic point nosotros met upwards amongst beau bloggers Brian & Diana of Harnser.  Not beingness backward inwards coming forward in addition to know their plans to catch "The Backs" I blagged a ride for me in addition to Deb.  This is a really rare process every bit the lock Jesus Lock is unopen to access for much of the year, in addition to our boat is every bit good big to acquire through.

I did a short fourth dimension lapse of the trip.

Again this is a commencement cutting of the video in addition to when I larn how to drive the video software I volition heighten it a chip more.  This is Harnser's weblog of the trip.

On the boat I convey been piddling amongst stuff.  I had been suffering amongst charging problems when using the generator.  The occupation was that I was solely able to acquire seventy of 120 amps of charging because I had to convey the Weak air-conditioning tab ready which seems to throttle the maximum accuse to close 2/3rds of maximum.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 chip of trawling on the forums came upwards amongst the proffer that the voltage was the occupation causing the Weak air-conditioning in addition to if yous facial expression yous tin run across the voltage is downward to 216v on accuse load.  Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 chip to a greater extent than reading in addition to I discovered I could modify the voltage output of the generator using a tiny trimmer on the AVR.  So armed amongst jewellers screwdriver in addition to the Victron software on the PC I turned the trimmer a fraction I produce hateful a tiny short amount in addition to whoosh it went upwards to 270v.  Eventually I managed to tame it to 235v which was non slow on a running vibrating generator.

The effect of the over voltage was:-
1 fried Sky satellite box
1 fried DAB radio
ii fried switch trend ability supplies for vociferation charging

Note to self.  Unplug everything non needed when messing amongst voltage regulation!

Ho Hum!  The practiced tidings is the charger tin straightaway move run amongst the Weak air-conditioning de-selected in addition to I straightaway acquire a total 120amps of accuse reducing of course of written report every bit the battery voltage comes up.  When I convey paid for the damaged items to move replaced I volition move saving coin on diesel fuel in addition to article of apparel in addition to tear on the generator every bit it straightaway does inwards four hours what it previously took 12+.

I'm straightaway inwards the procedure of installing around Cat5e cabling for around hereafter CCTV ideas.  As regular readers powerfulness realise I convey a habit for gadgets in addition to CCTV in addition to video streaming in addition to fourth dimension lapse, inwards fact anything.  The Cat5e volition aid inwards developing this involvement / project.

In the meantime I'm messing amongst alive video streaming on this server.   Vaughn is a alive streaming video community simply the excogitation is to current straight from the boat without using a tertiary political party server.

Other things I meant to weblog close simply didn't.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 põrnikas zapper.  I convey to acknowledge I bought it non expecting much.  IT'S BRILLIANT! this zaps flight in addition to landed bugs, of which nosotros acquire a lot of on the river inwards the summer.  Not solely is it entertaining, it saves having the pollute the boat amongst nasty smelling põrnikas spray.  On that, at that topographic point is no agency the moderen stuff  every bit practiced every bit it used to be.  Whatever did the chore inwards the tin earlier has been removed from the formula.  I suppose around to a greater extent than bloody EEC directives are to blame.

To salve arguments every bit to who volition acquire to play Zap The Bug I volition purchase around other 1 side past times side yr in addition to hence nosotros convey 1 each.

The other 1 is this.

In the shot yous tin run across the low-cal emitted which is pretty impressive in addition to inwards the lens reflection yous tin run across the LED's that brand upwards the light. (Talented photography?)

It's a solar charged in addition to solely switches on when its nighttime in addition to detects motion. Linky  I'm really pleased amongst it.

Sometimes yous purchase these things on a whim in addition to they actually overstep expectations.
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