Home Decor Forepart Locker Seats

Another of those jobs that's been hanging but about is the fitting, or to a greater extent than exactly the securing of the bow lockers.

The lids bring been loosely position on plough over off which looked fine but was non really security if y'all stepped on them going forrad equally they would slip.  They were cutting from templates I made in addition to thence scanned into a CNC router past times the same trace of piece of work solid that did the parent decks. See here.  They too routed a bull olfactory organ thence directly the edges won't dig into the underside of our legs.

I bring placed some wooden blocks on the nether side that locate against the rim of the locker in addition to thence to add together some security I bring educate inwards a latch inwards each.

Not that anything of groovy value is kept inwards them, but I had ii left over from doing the parent deck later changing the agency I secured them down.

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