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I wouldn't state our engine is especially noisy, indeed equally its getting a few hours on it it seems to hold upwardly getting a fleck quieter.  We had no soundproofing nether the 18mm deck floor.  We convey a local trace of piece of employment solid  

who specialise inwards acoustic as well as thermal insulation.  I've know the possessor for many years as well as contacted him for merely about advice.  He offered a 43mm laminated foam panel amongst 10kg human made Pb type nub wrapped inwards estrus reflective foil equally a solution.

The procedure started a few weeks agone amongst me making as well as supplying templates equally TAP volition brand to exact size rather than merely buying it inwards slabs equally is the norm from chandlers.

 Starboard floorboard underside

Last calendar week I got a telephone phone to state the panels were ready as well as today I fixed them nether the floors.  The backing is self adhesive but I decided to add together merely about mechanical fixing too.

Engine hatch before

Engine hatch after

I did merely about dB checks amongst the trusty iPhone db meter yesterday land nosotros were on the motion as well as volition create merely about to a greater extent than tomorrow when nosotros motion again.  I convey to state though merely amongst the engine on tick over at that spot is a noticeable difference.  Of course of didactics the engine is non the entirely noise source, a fair amount of prop against H2O is acquaint likewise thus a static examination is non truly valid.

On merely about other noise banker's complaint I've had an annoying metallic element buzz at 1050rmp as well as 1 time again at 1900rpm which tin hold upwardly heard inwards this video.

I mean value I've straightaway solved it.  There's a plate roofing the turbo as well as I mean value this is the crusade of the problem.

I convey position it dorsum amongst a few dollop's of hotness silicone inwards the promise this volition terminate the vibration.


First off the vibration has stopped, thus that's cured.

I wishing I had done merely about to a greater extent than noise comparing tests at dissimilar RPM equally the divergence on full general cruise RPM is measurably better:-

But this truly isn't the whole story equally I later on flora out.  The audio proofing truly industrial plant meliorate the louder the engine gets, thus equally the RPM as well as prop noise builds, the audio insulation damps to a greater extent than of it out, thus its much much quieter when the RPM is higher as well as the prop thrashing more.  Now its much quieter when its working harder something I didn't expect.

Another examination I never considered mensuration was the generator.  The genny is already cocooned but amongst the novel nether deck audio insulation the divergence is real noticeable.  I volition hold upwardly going dorsum to TAP to run into if they tin aid amongst quieting as well as then Mikuni CH boiler.

So inwards conclusion:-  Well worth installing.


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