Home Decor France Hither Nosotros Come

OK non quite nevertheless but nosotros receive got the necessary qualifications to go.  Sorry to acquire yous all excited.

Over the in conclusion calendar month nosotros receive got both been studying for the necessary qualifications nosotros involve to locomote inwards accuse of our boat when nosotros bring it to France.

To locomote legal unless yous are on a hire boat inwards which representative yous involve no training, knowledge, sense what thence ever! the master copy of the vessel needs to receive got a VHF radio licence, to know the CEVNI rules as well as demonstrate your competence to handgrip a boat, inwards our representative over 10m, this is the ICC part.

We did the VHF showtime almost iii weeks agone on a solar daytime course.  This nosotros both institute real interesting, I particularly liked the DSC part, but this is pretty useless on inland waterways bring for grouping calling or calling a known MMSI of some other boat, a chip similar a telephone number.

Once nosotros had our license I bought a fixed radio as well as a handheld.  Two are recommended for France.  We chose models shape Standard Horizon.  The fixed laid likewise has GPS which is a chip of an overkill for inland waterways but it was solely a little sum to a greater extent than as well as it gives speed as well as heading data equally good equally the time. The handheld is a exactly uncomplicated VHF solely set.

This is the principal set. But ours is inwards black

This is the handheld.


Once nosotros had the VHF laid it was as well as thence necessary to apply for Ship Radio License to acquire an MMSI number.  This was easily done online on the Offcom website as well as resulted inwards our ain MMSI position out 350974?? as well as our UK of Britain as well as Northern Republic of Ireland telephone telephone sign 2GHQ6.  Part of this registration my personal details thence the MMSI is tied to a user inwards representative of emergency as well as I suppose misuse.  Once nosotros are inwards Europe I volition programme inwards a the ATIS

Then it was downwardly to studying the CEVNI signs.  It's a chip similar learning the highway code but for the river, except it’s non equally good organised equally it's (IMO) a chip of a dog’s dinner equally it's compiled yesteryear bits from all over Europe.  As good equally the signs there's likewise lots of unlike signs on diverse types of boat yesteryear solar daytime as well as nighttime as well as differing inwards the type of vessels as well as what it’s doing.

This is the total CEVNI as well as here is a laid of flash cards I compiled (with permission) from the initial run done yesteryear Bryan Griffin.  In the terminate the multiple alternative newspaper was passed yesteryear both of us merely because nosotros drilled ourselves alongside the cards for a skillful dyad of weeks off as well as on.

Meet our novel crew fellow member MOB.


The practical business office for the ICC Involved us taking our boat our alongside our examiner for the afternoon as well as demonstrating MOB (Man Over Board) recovery procedures as well as other boat treatment as well as mooring skills equally good equally questions almost river  craft, safety, emergency procedures.  Most of the treatment was merely demonstrating what nosotros create each fourth dimension nosotros bring the boat out, but nosotros did receive got to exercise the MOB equally nosotros had never done this so  a skillful few ours were spent pirouetting unopen to retrieving our real ain MOB, yeah a  buoy tied to a bucket.   The bucket acts equally the simulated weight as well as bounding main anchor. Each fourth dimension nosotros practised this MOB it actually got the adrenalin going.  Even though it was solely a buoy as well as bucket it becomes thence real.
Anyway, afterward that the teacher / examiner showing me my boat WOULD croak backwards nether command despite my insistence it wouldn’t as well as a concluding few questions he told us nosotros had both passed.

I receive got likewise registered Avalon on the SSR and straightaway sport the Reg. No.SSR1535623

I create receive got a massive weblog to create on the real complex dependent champaign or Generators batteries as well as charging. I volition acquire this done ASAP equally I receive got learnt a lot alongside the help of Clive 1 of my weblog readers.

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