Home Decor H2o Filter, Steps, Tv.

I decided to lucifer a H2O filter.  This casing tin accept a multifariousness of filters including a five micron carbon filter.  I volition get-go amongst five micron criterion filters.

This required the H2O render from the tank to hold upwards re-routed only this was pretty conduct forward.

The large hole is for access to the air bleed valve

Serving volition hold upwards yesteryear a removable middle step.  As this is fitted on the within wall of the steps it was fourth dimension to complete making the steps I started months ago.

The oak footstep tops should hold upwards cook afterwards this week

The rock tops for the sleeping accommodation draws are coming on Midweek all existence good together with then I accept fitted the sleeping accommodation TV every bit the HDMI cable runs behind where the transcend is going.

 View from the bed

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