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I've been a chip of a chump. Yep! fifty-fifty me who is ordinarily very, really careful alongside measuring, checking, measuring, reading the manual / instruction, in addition to and thus doing it all 1 time again only for skilful mensurate etc.

Especially when at that topographic point is expensive equipment at hand! 

So what did I do? 

In a perverse agency I did just what I was doing to avoid doing what I did. When I position the inverter inwards I was concerned that it should endure somewhere cool thus I decided the engine room bulkhead would endure ideal. OK, I know it gets warm inwards at that topographic point when the engine is running, but when stationary it's the coolest house in addition to too when nosotros are on the motion the inverter is non really existence used that hard. It seems to larn hottest when charging which would endure on hookup which has thus far been never, or on the generator. 

With the transcend calorifier pipage running inches away from the inverter, several weblog readers voiced their concerns that it really wasn't a skilful setup. I had to handgrip inwards hindsight. So  a few weeks agone it was "move the inverter day". The motion was from the engine room side of the bulkhead:- 


to the cabin side nether the stairs. 

Something that alongside a chip of flooring hole cutting for mutual frigidness air from the bilge to endure drawn inwards in addition to a chip of carpentry change to the dorsum of the stairs, a chip of cable re-routing etc. should cause got taken exclusively 3-4 hours alongside cups of tea in addition to ponder time. 

Having done the necessary I powered upwardly the inverter exclusively to listen a massive "CRACK". That's the audio a 400amp fuse makes when it lets go. 

So what had I done? Well despite having to position two really large +ve and -ve wires on each terminal inwards the inverter in addition to despite the inverter having really clear "Battery +" in addition to "Battery -" pedagogy on the terminals, somehow inwards a consummate an talk parallel universe I had really managed to ignore these really elementary but key instructions. I really don't know how I did it, I really don't. My married adult woman thinks its the attack of something to a greater extent than sinister, in addition to TBH thus practice I. Despondently I realised what I'd done in addition to laid upwardly most investigating within the inverter expecting to run across a mass of exploded components, but alongside fingers crossed at that topographic point was a trip or something I could reset, form of similar an idiot button. But at that topographic point was no draw of either.

I contacted my Supplier Intellitec who rather than express joy at my stupidity said to mail it dorsum in addition to they would larn inwards meliorate again. Within a few days the employment had been resolved in addition to my inverter was dorsum condom in addition to well.  What vivid in addition to speedy service.  So a large give cheers y'all to them.

So alongside repaired inverter inwards mitt final calendar week I laid upwardly most finishing the job.  This fourth dimension doing it equally per the instruction not my way. In nether haft an lx minutes the inverter was dorsum fully working inwards its novel dwelling line solid nether the stairs.

So inwards sweat to motion the inverter to halt it getting damaged, I damaged the inverter moving it.  What a knob!  I am yet consoled past times the fact that if the calorifier pipage did blow the harm that could crusade would cause got been worse for the inverter than my mistaken par.

Lesson Learnt!!

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