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I did the get-go l hr service today at 54.7 hours.  This required engine fossil oil too filter modify too 3 diesel fuel filters. I haven't needed to transcend upwardly the engine fossil oil inward the get-go l hours hence it seems its non using any. :-)

This was the H2O too gunk collected from the two pre-filters.

Not truly a swell amount hence that's pleasing.  The service majority says to create it at 125 hours too hence every 125 hours but I mean value I volition stick amongst doing it always l hours.  Its slow to create anyway

The alternator belts needed adjusting the lower ane to a greater extent than than the upper one.  I run out of fourth dimension today too conduct maintain notwithstanding to create the tappets but the engine sounds pretty quiet, indeed to a greater extent than hence afterward the fossil oil too filter change. The fossil oil was inward real practiced status only a real low-cal charcol colour.

Engine mountings nosotros checked too constitute to live tight too a full general banking corporation stand upwardly for of the engine constitute cipher loose.

I checked too toped upwardly the fossil oil inward the generator.   This is using a flake of oil, but it runs a lot to a greater extent than than the engine too a lot faster, 3000rpm where every bit the engine seldom goes over 1200rpm.

All that done I needed to empty the john tank too fill upwardly amongst H2O hence it was fourth dimension to conduct maintain the boat out solo.  Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 quick boom upwardly the river to plough roughly too and hence off to the services area.

Avalon on the service point

Mission accomplished!  It takes a piddling over two hours to fill upwardly the tank, hence I gear upwardly it filling afterward doing the heart out which takes 10 minutes. 

I decided to moor on the town moorings instead of going dorsum to the habitation mooring.  Inspired past times my novel constitute confidence I  decided to run into if I could moor inward betwixt a NB too plastic cruiser a gap of close 70'.  As green this kind of manoeuvre attracts an audience.  Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 real deadening too careful approach saw me inward to a circular of applause from the on lookers.  So forthwith I conduct maintain officially been Gongoozled.

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