Home Decor Lounge Ceiling

I bring finished putting upwards the lounge in addition to kitchen ceiling in addition to additional lights over the hob.  It was impact in addition to become equally conditions or non I would bring plenty material.  I did a calculation earlier I ordered.  Due to the toll of it I didn't desire whatever over.  Looks similar I failed ;-)

It was this in addition to the cease trimmings

This is the finished ceiling.  It has a low-cal oak grain imprinted inwards the paneling in addition to its a cellular construction.  Its made for exterior cladding in addition to hence is fairly tough compared to the products y'all tin brand it B&Q etc.  It cuts good amongst a abrupt saw but volition splinter amongst a blunt one.  All my engineered products are cutting using a Triple Tip TCT saw blade.

Nice in addition to tidy upwards top, non in addition to hence below!

Oh good that's only me, I've e'er been the same.

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