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I was non overly happy at the arrangements for the cooling H2O intake.  Its done through what's known equally a Mud Box.

The main strainers on the hull had no means of beingness unblocked without getting wet.  

 Original strainer inlet

I asked on a Canal Forum as well as it emerged there's a amend means which enables the main strainer to hold upward cleared from within the mud box.

This meant cutting out a larger unmarried hole inward the hull.

 Hole cut, viewed shape within the mud box

Then to brand the internal strainer.

First a template

Then a 4mm plate cutting to the template

Then several hundred 5mm holes

This strainer fits where its shown above.  There volition hold upward about guides to locate it ans it volition hold upward removable for slow clearing.

So thank y'all for the give-and-take on The Canal World Forum for this modification.

Sumber http://boatbuildblog.blogspot.com

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