Home Decor Preparing For The Side Past Times Side Chapter

In a piddling over half dozen weeks Avalon volition endure lifted out of UK of Britain in addition to Northern Republic of Ireland waters, loaded on a truck in addition to driven to Nieuwpoort inward Kingdom of Belgium to outset the adjacent leg of the adventure.  

This was ever our dream in addition to her purpose. She was conceived in addition to built amongst the sole intention of beingness our cruising dwelling occupation solid on the waters of Europe.

We lead hold loved our fourth dimension on the Gt. Ouse in addition to at Ely peculiarly in addition to I real much consider Ely my minute dwelling occupation solid amongst the friends in addition to acquaintances nosotros lead hold made there.  It would endure slowly to stay, also easy.  With this inward hear nosotros lead hold decided to overstep away on to maintain our mooring in that place fifty-fifty though nosotros won't endure in that place simply inward case!

How could nosotros not?

This is simply an slowly 10 infinitesimal walk into Ely metropolis centre.  The Chathreal tin endure seen inward the background.

This is a panoramic shot from the roof of the boat.

The other motion painting is from the railway pair on the correct of the picture.

The adjacent few blogs volition endure well-nigh the preparations of Avalon to comply amongst  EU waters in addition to to equip Avalon amongst kit to meliorate navigate bigger waterways   On this indicate in that place is (for my non European Union readers) supposed to endure a marking playing plain for all European Union members inward that a UK of Britain in addition to Northern Republic of Ireland boat should endure accepted inward say French Republic or Kingdom of Belgium or inward fact whatever European Union fellow member state.  But NO!  each European Union nation tin arrive hard to create things inward about other European Union state.  So much for harmonisation!  I gauge total harmonisation would hateful 1000's of paperpusher in addition to jobsworth jobs would teach in addition to and then add together to the unemployment figures.  Cynical Moi?

After this I volition outset a novel weblog amongst the help of Deb which will chronicle our journeys inward Europe.  We both promise you lot volition bring together us in addition to follow our ramblings. This volition endure to a greater extent than of a Travel Blog than a Technical Blog. But banking concern tally dorsum every bit in that place volition endure boaty materials every bit good I experience certain ;-).

Thanks for next in addition to then far.

Sumber http://boatbuildblog.blogspot.com

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