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There is ever something to do.  Always a work to hold out solved, or a combining of my interests.

I arrived at the boat yesterday afternoon armed alongside necessary tools to form out the grotty as well as dismal array of plants as well as generally weeds on our mooring.  This is supposed to hold out done yesteryear the Environment means who nosotros rent from but at that spot doesn't seem to hold out a schedule of maintenance but strangely at that spot is a schedule of Direct Debits.  Anyway earlier I got on alongside the materials I similar I decided it was best to larn this done as well as out of the way equally the weather condition was reasonable as well as the forecast was poor.

About two hours saw the undertaking done as well as all the dead nettles, thistles as well as sapling Elderberry trees were dispatched.  Hopefully this volition let unopen to grass to grow.

I convey been playing with  streaming CCTV for a spell straight off as well as having bought a novel Webcam decided I needed to run unopen to novel consealed wires to larn the betoken dorsum to the laptop inwards the lounge as well as thus out though the router to the interweb.  Knowing the limt for USB is 5m I saw an adaptor that extends USB over cat5e.  On my concluding take in to the boat I duly installed a length of cat5e cable inwards the sleeping accommodation ceiling downwardly behind the wardrobes, nether the bath cabinets as well as into the lounge drilling necessary holes equally I went along all of which are out of full general sight. All of this took several hours.

Once this was done I powered upwardly the Webcam solely to abide by for any argue that it would solely ship a 174 x 122 ikon non the 1280 x 1024 it was bought for.  Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 fleck of earthworks on the canal forum equally at that spot are lots of rattling cleaver people at that spot alongside a combined majority of noesis on all subjects atomic number 82 me to gild a 15m powered USB cable.  Prior to installing the cable I tested it as well as all was good. 

How pleased was I that when I seat the cat5e inwards the ceiling void I decided to seat inwards an additional draw wire. The consequence was the novel UBB cable was fitted inwards nearly twenty minutes.

The intention is to current alive video from the boat equally nosotros cruise along, or sometimes if nosotros are merely sat mooring.  This tin dismiss hold out seen at the Vaughn site.  If you lot move over at that spot you lot tin dismiss move a follower as well as you lot volition larn an e-mail when the photographic boob tube camera goes live.  All of this is complimentary as well as there's currently no adverts on the video feed.

Next upwardly was to run unopen to to a greater extent than cat5e (2 lots) thus I tin dismiss run the sleeping accommodation TV on an HDMI extender equally this likewise has a 5m confine as well as larn hard disk TV inwards the sleeping accommodation rather than merely what comes downwardly the coax feed.  While I had the rug upwardly to enshroud the cables I sorted out the creaky flooring that has been anoying me on my seemingly evermore frequent visits to the loo at night.

This morn it was fourth dimension to service the generator.  It has reached 2400 hours as well as the stone oil was looking decidedly black.  With the stone oil as well as filter changed as well as the diesel fuel filter checked for H2O (none) as well as changed it was the plough of the impeller.  This equally you lot tin dismiss encounter was definitely inwards demand of changing.

The fan belt was checked for habiliment as well as adjustment as well as both were constitute to hold out fine.

A spell dorsum I moved the Inverter to nether the stairs See Here.  And having sorted out the charging thus the charger works much harder it thus got actually hot which caused it to trim back its output thus it remaind happy. Result dorsum to foursquare ane afterwards a spell of running. See you lot solve ane work as well as unopen to other work arises!  The solely affair to create is to seat unopen to extraction fans inwards to dump the heat.  The easiest way to ability these is from the inverters ain fan ability supply, that way they would solely hold out on equally required.  So this meant taking the inverter out ane time again to gain access to the fan wiring.  I took no chances this time.  I photographed the wiring merely to remind me non to wire it upwardly wrong.

The fan on the Victron is 24v thus I got two x 12v 5" fans as well as wired them inwards series, drilled two x 5" holes inwards the step sides merely side yesteryear side the the inverter, seat inwards unopen to wiring alongside an inwards work connecter as well as hi presto it all worked.

I merely demand to larn unopen to overnice covers for the exterior of the stairs.


It's non likewise much of a work equally its rattling hard to encounter them.  They are non inwards full general sight.

The inverter straight off runs mutual frigidness to the deport upon as well as is ane time once again outputting maximum charge.

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