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I did about timelapse recording piece cruising close during our calendar month aboard.  I used a GoPro photographic telly camera inwards timelapse vogue taking i x 5mega pixel shot every two seconds.  In this video the lastly edit in that place are 7515 shots. These are hence reduced inwards size to 1024 x 768 which takes hence long to create I ready the PC to create this chore overnight.  Also for the assembly software to compile the images they conduct maintain to live consecutively numbered.  The software used to cut down the size in addition to re-number is Infranview.

The side yesteryear side phase is to compile the stills into a movie.  For this I role VirtualDub  The consequence is this:-

 First cut

There's nevertheless a chip to a greater extent than to create to this hence banking venture represent dorsum for audio in addition to titles.

I conduct maintain directly been told  3.5 mph over 3.5 hours = 12.25 miles travelled which is close correct . To encompass that distance inwards two minutes you'd conduct maintain to live doing 367.5mph (12.25 x 60/2)

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