Home Decor Shhh!

The hose arrived for the generator exhaust modification, but earlier I could agree it I had to wizz of to London to selection upwards the steps that DW Wood Molding made for me.

Here's a sneak peek.  Warning its naked!

The steel insert is only plainly steel template
I accept 24 of them beingness chrome plated

Once I was dorsum I seat the novel flake of moisture exhaust piping together with silencer in.

I didn't intend this piffling box would produce much but it did.

                                    Before                                                          After

I don't know much virtually dB, but I produce know the scale is a logarithmic ane together with that its understood that an increase somewhere betwixt 6dB together with 10dB is perceived past times most listeners every bit "double" the volume.

So on basic maths the genny is at ane time virtually 2½ quieter.

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