Home Decor Solar Powered

Now the roof has been painted I was able to jibe the solar panels.  That was this weeks mid calendar week watch to the boat.

Having made in addition to fitted the mounting brackets it was fourth dimension to wire upwardly in addition to screw them to the roof.  I had already set inwards the wires inwards the ceiling void then this made the chore a seize alongside teeth easier.  What made it hard was the almost continuous pelting over the final ii days.  Anyway, afterwards dodging what I could in addition to getting the occasional dampening this is what it looks like.

Now the technical bit.  

As the panels output at 30+ volts in addition to this needs to become it into a 12v battery banking concern safely yesteryear reducing the voltage.

This needs or then other flake of kit, an MPPT controller (this site explains how they create what they do).

This is my MPPT accuse controller.

The grayness cable is to the remote meter which displays loads of information most whats happening. Of most involvement is the alive information on the input voltage, amperage in addition to battery levels. 

I convey wired the negative via the shunt then this volition tape on the Victron battery monitor.

This is the teaching manual for the 10amp model merely its precisely the same.

So today when the Sun did polish good I was getting 35amps! Even when it was cloudy in addition to pouring downwardly I was withal getting 5amps.

Conclusion.................... It industrial plant then hopefuly this volition cut back or eliminate the remove to run the generator.

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