Home Decor Somethings Incorrect Here

If you've read this spider web log a spell you'll know that I don't create wood.

Well, await at this, I've successfully made something out of wood!

What is it?

It's 1 of these:-

On a woody theme.  The other 24-hour interval I got the dressing ferrels for the mushroom vents .  Here they are all varnished upwards together with ready to fit.

Other jobs done today.  Another coat of pigment inwards the H2O tank, permanent fixing of the domestic battery to inverter isolator, made a rootage on re-routing the generator exhaust (2m of 40mm moisture exhaust at the local marina amongst discount £65.00 + £5.00 on fuel for the circular trip. On line, £25 delivered tomorrow!)  I tin hold off a day. I've equally good re-plumbed the H2O inlet for the generator.

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