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This weeks topic on the boat has been most storage.  When nosotros larn to French Republic nosotros are going to ask to shop to a greater extent than equipment as well as stores.

I am going to brand unopen to storage bins as well as seats for the parent deck.  This is the template for the side ones as well as therefore in i lawsuit these are made I volition duet across the back.  So nosotros volition larn lots of storage as well as a squeamish social surface area to taste the improve conditions abroad (well hopefully). I volition belike brand a demountable tabular array every bit well.

Next it was nether the stairs to the stern.  Having cutting the flooring board nether the bow steps unopen to fourth dimension agone as well as doing unopen to temperature checks it was noticeably cooler all the fourth dimension than the room air. 

This is how it was earlier as well as nosotros utilization hold upward it for storage.

Now the flooring has been removed nosotros gain an extra 125mm depth as well as a mutual depression temperature surface existence the base of operations of the boat.  This infinite is ideal for tinned drinks, vino as well as beer.  Probably non mutual depression temperature plenty to sip merely sure as shooting a saving on refrigerator running existence cooler than room temperature. Anyway it terms zippo to utilization therefore why not?

And the end combat of storage.  Sort of :-)

This is a crate for our novel crew fellow member - Herbie. xi weeks former now.

Seen hither inwards his domicile crate

And non forgetting his big brother

Teddy (with a sore paw) as well as Herbie

Hopefully nosotros won't ask to crate him for likewise long.  Some people don't similar the reckon of crates, merely our experience is that a domestic dog makes it his ain space, they don't run into it every bit a cage similar nosotros do.  To them its a bed as well as a den.   Toys larn taken inwards as well as out as well as if left opened upward they volition happily larn inwards for a nap.  

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