Home Decor A Trivial Problem

We direct hold spent the end few weeks exploring roughly of the tributaries of the Gt. Ouse, The River Wissey, The Lt. Ouse as well as The River Lark.  As lovely equally these rivers are they are pretty weedy as well as and hence a duo of times the exhaust temperature lite came on pregnant the raw H2O intake filters were clogged.  Trouble alongside this is this starves the prophylactic impeller of H2O as well as it runs dry.

Once dorsum on the deep as well as at nowadays Gt. Ouse as well as the engine has nearly 100 hours I decided for the starting fourth dimension time to opened upwards the engine upwards as well as allow a skillful bargain of the 114hp direct hold its wicked way.  Top RPM is 2500 as well as hence I held dorsum to 90% or 2250rpm  The primary engine temperature remained at 85c which is normal.

After close iii minutes the exhaust temperature alert came on.  I was a piddling concerned equally I had cleared the filters before setting off close xx minutes before as well as the Gt. Ouse is generally weed free.

I cutting the engine as well as drifted into the side to investigate.  I checked the filters as well as they were clear.  So later letting the engine cool downwards I restarted as well as saw nix existence drawn upwards from the river.  I removed the H2O uptake underground as well as felt within the impeller housing as well as could experience damaged impeller blades.  As the organization wouldn't self prime number I filled the filter manually which was plenty to acquire it primed. After which nosotros were able to hold equally before at close 1400rpm.

Once dorsum at Ely I checked alongside Ely Chandlers to run into if they had an impeller for my engine but they were unable to assistance but they kindly allow me purpose their address for delivery when I works life ane inwards Leeds.  So many cheers for their help.

This afternoon it arrived as well as I swapped it out which took close xxx minutes.

Left buggered, correct new

The novel ane has an ii extra blades as well as hence I justice the master copy has been superseded.  Once changed as well as the organization primed manually everything was dorsum to normal, good at to the lowest degree on static tests.  H5N1 moving exam volition hold upwards done tomorrow.

Clearly the impeller is intolerant to running dry.  In the service mass the impeller is a thou hr inspection as well as hence I shout out upwards I direct hold but been unlucky for now.  It's all a learning curve.

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